Somerset Development To Give Old Bell Labs Building More Purpose

October 9, 2013 | Energy & Environment
Somerset Development president Ralph Zucker says that the old Bell Labs building will get a small makeover, giving it more functions.

The old Bell Labs headquarters building in Holmdel won’t receive many changes, President of Somerset Development Ralph Zucker told NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider, but it will be improved.

Currently the building is vacant but it will be getting some updates for the future.

“First of all, you try not to do too much,” said Zucker. “We’re really re-purposing the building with an eye on the future but definitely rooted in the past. We are keeping the landscaping as is, we are keeping the building interior as is but modernizing it by bringing it into today’s day in age.”

The building is set to go from a single purpose facility to serve more functions. Instead of housing just one tenant and being closed off, the building will be used for mixed use. According to the developer, plans demonstrate the benefits of the change.

When the building was being marketed, Zucker realized that it would fit the community as a mixed use environment. The land and building could be used for restaurants, medical and assisted living purposes, resembling a town center.

As for the rest of the grounds on the old Bell Labs space, Somerset Development plans to keep the views identical to its present state and try to not to change its landscape.