Snowstorm Increases Business for Some, Hurts Others

January 22, 2014 | Weather
Businesses selling snow related goods benefited from the snow, but others experienced negative effects.

By Desirée Taylor
Senior Correspondent

The snowstorm caused a flurry of activity at some businesses, especially at Summit Ski & Sport Shop.

“We love it when it snows. We’re here for snow. Other businesses close. We hopefully get busy when it snows. It’s the ski shop and people come out when it snows. We love it,” said Store Manager Jack Schleiff.

With Summit buried under a foot of snow, Joseph Hamilton’s business is piling up some tidy profits.

“Very busy the whole night. We do work with NJ Transit. They keep us very busy,” Hamilton said.

And in Hillsborough, the Auto Zone store opened to plenty of foot traffic.

“With all the snow plows, snow removal equipment, de-icers, anti-freeze, everyone checks on their cars before and after the storm but during the storm we are quiet but after the storm and before we are busy,” said Steven Parker.

But it’s a much different story at Port Newark where the storm has had a chilling effect. There’s little activity there because the terminal was forced to close, which has impacted shipments and employees.

“The terminal is closed. We have drivers pick up containers from the terminal. They can’t pick up; 150 drivers, they don’t work, they don’t get paid,” said P. Judge & Sons Warehouse Manager Wilson Jimenez.

The shutdown locked out thousands of truck drivers at the Elizabeth terminal. And they’ll confront a big backlog when they get back up and running.

“Also we have a yard full of containers we can’t ship. Now we have a yard full of containers. It’s a big problem,” Jimenez said, “We used to ship 300 containers in a week, we ra eshipping half this week because there is no way to ship containers when the terminal is closed.”

The snow also stalled some restaurant traffic.

“Not a lot of traffic because people having trouble getting to town. Even to find parking with all the snow that is piling up. It’s definitely impacted us in a negative way. We usually have a lot more people than recently,” said Widya Bertusi of Batavia Café

Now with the polar vortex blowing into the region, some business owners fear the frigid temperatures could also freeze out their customers.