Sherrill and Webber make final push to get out the vote

The rain didn’t dampen spirits in District 11. The voters were out and so were the candidates. In Montclair, Mikie Sherrill cast her ballot and then mingled with voters in a last push to garner support. But, she said, the hard work has already been done.

“I think we’ve done our work,” she said. “We’ve been going around the district for over a year in a half, listening to people, listening to their concerns and really charting a path forward for New Jersey as far as getting a good tax plan for our state, getting quality and affordable health care and making sure we have some good infrastructure spending and a good infrastructure plan. At this point, after about a year and a half, voters know about my campaign and how important it is we have new leadership in Congress, and hopefully we’ll see good results today.”

In East Hanover, Jay Webber visited residents in a diner, taking time to sit and talk with them and thank them for voting, even, he said, if it wasn’t for him. He told us he’s proud of the race he ran and that reflects the issues the district cares about.

“We feel good about what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, talked about the right things, talked about expanding opportunity and cutting taxes and creating jobs. That’s what people around here wanted to hear,” Webber said. “We’re creating opportunity in North Jersey. Talking about things that people talk about around the kitchen table every night — how to lower health care expenses, how to get kids to college, how to create jobs. So yeah, every morning we’re waking up and saying what’s this about, who are we, and why are we going forward. I think everyday we’ve hit that message and spoken to people about the issues they really care about. Today in that way it’s really no different.”

Both candidates stayed among their base Tuesday, largely surrounded by supporters. But in a race this close, considered a statistical dead heat by the polls, every new vote counts. And each is pushing for the win.