Sequester Cuts Will Impact Air Travel and Public Employees

March 1, 2013
Democrats gathered at Newark Airport to discuss the impact the budget cuts caused by the sequester deadline passing will have on New Jersey.

By Senior Correspondent Desirée Taylor
NJ Today

The budget sequester deadline is here but it’s unclear how and when Americans will feel the full effects of the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts. For those who question the impact, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez had this to say — “The pain will unfold, unquestionably.”

Menendez and a host of other Democrats gathered at Newark Liberty International Airport today to talk about how the cuts will impact air travel and safety. “Indiscriminate budget cuts could disrupt service right here at Newark Liberty Airport — already one of the most delayed in the country — while causing delays that will reverberate across the nation,” said Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.


Thousands of federal employees also face furloughs and reductions in pay. Among them, 47,000 FAA employees and 5,000 border patrol agents. And in New Jersey, 11,000 civilian Department of Defense employees could also be furloughed.

But layoffs, including teachers, won’t happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle are pointing fingers.

“The president has the ability to propose alternative cuts to Congress, but has yet to do so,” said Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo. “Speaker Boehner and Republicans in Congress have yet again allowed partisan politics to stand in the way of protecting America’s middle class,” said Pascrell.