Rep. Payne Says Affordable Care Act’s Moving in the Right Direction

December 16, 2013 | Health Care, Politics

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act, but Rep. Donald Payne Jr. told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that the health care law is moving in the right direction despite a rough start.

Payne said that in the Congress budget dispute, he supported the budget because agreeing on a spending plan shows some movement forward, in a bipartisan way.

Some of Payne’s colleagues did not support the budget and he said that he knew they were leaning that way. He said that with the budget issue, no one was happy with the outcome, so there was compromise.

Payne believes that the budget will pass in the Senate.

As for the Affordable Care Act, Payne believes that it is moving in the right direction. He said that the initial rollout problems were disturbing, however.

“The overall bill is going to change the way health care is provided in this country because that is the important thing. It is already working for people,” Payne said.

The insurance companies saw how the law was going to be enacted and what the president did was put a floor on it to make sure that people had a certain quality of health care, according to Payne. He said that the insurance companies know that they cannot keep the plans based on bare bones coverage and people are not losing their plans; the insurance companies are bringing them up to a quality that is good for the American people.

Commenting on who he is supporting in the Newark mayor’s race, Payne said, “I am staying congressional right now and we are getting to let the people of Newark decide who the mayor is going to be and I will work with whoever they elect.”

Payne said that he is endorsing Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo for another term even though DiVincenzo publicly endorsed Republican Gov. Chris Christie in his bid for reelection.

“The progress that we have made in Essex County from Turtleback Zoo to the parks to what we do for senior citizens, you cannot argue with it. The politics, say what you want about it, but look at the results in Essex County and that’s what I have to look at,” Payne said.