On the Record: Remembering the Wit and Wisdom of Gov. Brendan Byrne

On the Record: Remembering the Wit and Wisdom of Governor Brendan Byrne is an hour-long retrospective on the 47th governor of New Jersey. Byrne, a Democrat who served for two terms from 1974 to 1982, passed away Thursday, Jan. 4 at the age of 93.

The special edition of On the Record with Michael Aron, will feature insight and reflection on Byrne led by Aron, NJTV News’ Chief Political Correspondent, with colleagues who knew him well: former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean; Byrne’s Chief Counsel and former Attorney General John Degnan; former NJ Supreme Court Chief Justice James Zazalli and former NJN news anchor and host of Governors’ Perspectives segments, Kent Manahan.

They will reflect on Governor Byrne’s political career and his legacy, but also his well-known whimsical personality. The special will include archived interviews with Byrne and clips of his special appearances.

Read Michael Aron’s column, “A great governor has died“.