Program offers words of encouragement, support to mothers in need

When mom Nicole Crincoli is feeling anxious, she sends a text and gets an inspiring or funny message back.

Crincoli is participating in the Maternal Child Concierge Program, which sends health-related text messages and videos to pregnant women and moms who are dealing with behavioral health issues, including opioid use disorder.

Central Jersey Family Health Consortium, which received funding from the New Jersey Department of Health, partnered with GoMo Health to create the program that’s free to mothers.

The program customizes messages to its participants. If a mom starts the program at 20 weeks pregnant, the messages guide her through that stage and beyond. If she has a toddler, the information is tailored around that.

The system is also interactive — moms have an option to text specific words depending on how they’re feeling. Some of the words women can text include “spirit” that sends a spiritually uplifting message, “smile” that sends a lighthearted joke. “Peer” sends a story about someone going through a similar situation, and “mood” sends a feel good message.