Pallone talks impeachment, climate change and drug pricing

For 31 years, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. has represented most of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. Now in his 16th term, he’s wrestling with issues like prescription drug pricing and energy infrastructure. And now, impeachment.

“The frustration is that basically the president is not honoring any subpoenas,” said Pallone, “and so he denies the whole oversight function of Congress, which is so important.”

But, he says he doesn’t see impeachment as an option because there isn’t enough support in the Senate for a trial.

Pallone also discussed his LIFT America Act, a wide-ranging infrastructure bill package. One of its main goals is to address climate change through supporting renewable energy.

How does he plan to get it passed by Republicans who don’t believe climate change is caused by human?

“The advantage of an infrastructure bill to achieve these goals is that you don’t have to say that you’re necessarily doing anything that is going to impact our footprint on climate change,” he said. “It’s a way of achieving reduction in greenhouse gases without Republicans having to say that that’s what they’re doing. I know it’s a little deceptive, but this is what we’re up to these days.”