NJTV Weather: Snow Ending, Dry Thanksgiving Expected

November 26, 2014 | Weather

Gov. Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency because of the nor’easter pounding the state and he’s urged New Jerseyans to drive carefully to reach their destinations. Flightstats.com reports Newark Liberty has delays of three and a half hours thanks to the weather. And utility companies report power outages in North and Central Jersey. Meteorologist John Cifelli discussed weather conditions with NJTV News Correspondent Michael Hill from Bridgewater.

Cifelli said power outages have popped up and have been a concern because of the heavy, wet nature of the snow. In the northern half of the state, he said he saw tree limbs down and boughs weighing on power lines. One in Parsippany snapped an was leaning on live wires and caught fire.

According to Cifelli, road conditions are relatively good, considering. “Roads are really not too much of an issue until you get up into Sussex, western Bergen, Passaic County. That’s really where the heaviest snow has fallen. But for much of the state, the 78 corridor, 287, 80, 10 and everything south of there, wet, slush at times especially around midday after most of the accumulating snow had fallen.”

Cifelli said snow accumulations are on the low end of predictions. “The storm’s a bit of an under-performer as far as snow totals go. And a part of that is because of how much the snow is packed down and how much the water used to create the snowflakes is locked into this heavy, wet snow. It’s not the powdery light stuff that can really pile up and accumulate,” he said. “So I think that we’ll get on the low end of our ranges from what we forecasted last night.”

Cifelli expects the snow to end by 8 or 9 p.m. He said there could be another inch of accumulation for the places in the state. “I don’t think there’s a lot more snow to come for much of the state,” he said.

Thanksgiving should be a better day. “We dry out tomorrow. And again, because the roads are already pretty clear, it’s gonna be easy traveling for 90 percent of the state tomorrow. We’re looking at temperatures in the upper 30s with sunshine tomorrow and the weekend we warm up to the mid 40s with sunshine, so it’ll be a really nice Thanksgiving weekend,” Cifelli said.

Tonight, Cifelli said motorists north of Route 80 could see freezing on the roads, but the rest of the state should have temperatures in the mid 30s so there is not much of a risk of icing.