NJSBA Wants Appeals Process for Background Checks

January 17, 2012 | Education
Some say school board members who fail a background check should be able to appeal the decision based on the type of incident and time that has lapsed.

Many school board members throughout the state were deemed ineligible to serve after failing to complete background checks or because they had disqualifying incidents that were found. Some are fighting their removal since the offenses were relatively minor and occurred decades ago.

The New Jersey School Boards Association wants to see an appeals process implemented so people like Remond Palmer of Asbury Park, who was disqualified because of a drug offense that dates back 20 years, have an avenue to retain their seat. NJToday’s Desiree Taylor files this report.


Some individuals were originally told they had to step down as school board members because they failed to get the background check and fingerprinting done by the Dec. 31 deadline. But an extension has been granted for the two-step process to Jan. 27.

Many disqualified members said they had submitted the information by the original deadline but were unable to get an appointment to be fingerprinted in a timely fashion.