New Jersey expanding its clean energy industry and creating jobs

Even before COVID-19 hit, Gov. Phil Murphy had been pushing clean energy as a way to grow New Jersey’s economy and create thousands of new jobs. On Wednesday, the state took further steps to help make that happen when the Board of Public Utilities approved its Offshore Wind Strategic Plan. The roadmap paves the way for the state to expand its offshore wind capacity. New Jersey is now seeking applicants for a second wind energy project off the coast. Meantime, the board is providing the New Jersey Economic Development Authority with $4.5 million to train residents for clean energy jobs.

If New Jersey is looking for ways to grow revenue, there’s always marijuana. The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants surveyed its members and found 66% of them believe a commercial adult-use cannabis industry would help the state’s economy. They point out money is already being made on marijuana sales in the black market but the state doesn’t benefit. Various forecasts say legal marijuana sales could generate millions in tax revenue. New Jersey voters will be asked to decide whether they support legalization in November’s election.