Muslim Community Leader In Paterson Blasts Boston Bombing Suspects

April 19, 2013 | Religion

When it was revealed that the elder Boston bombing suspect identified himself as Muslim, many in the Islamic community were filled with dread. Monther Harb, owner of the Arab Echo News in Paterson, had been watching the events of the Boston manhunt unfold, praying that the culprit(s) would not turn out to be Muslim.

“We’ve been trying to build a better relationship since September 11 with the American community,” said Harb.

He’s frustrated that some “punks” as he called the suspects could undermine years of careful community building efforts and sully the reputation of the entire Muslim community.

“Our Islam, our religion, is totally different than what these messages that these kids or other radicals [are] sending. I could challenge any radical there is no such message in our religion [that] says kill another person.”