Murphy addresses nor’easter at ‘Read Across America Day’ event

Gov. Phil Murphy dashed into a school, dodging the pounding nor’easter.

“Obviously this is something we’re taking very seriously,” said Murphy.

The governor says his administration has paid attention to the forecast for the last few days, preparing for nature’s wrath.

“Things that we’re worried about and focused on are obviously a pretty nasty cocktail of high winds, heavy rains, high tides early and late, and snow beginning in more places than not,” said Murphy.

High winds roared through the trees, knocking some down and causing thousands to lose power. The governor warned to watch out for downed lines and slippery roads, as state police report responding to more than 100 motor vehicle crashes and incidents.

“Be very careful driving. Personal recommendation would be to use your discretion, and if you don’t have to get out and do something, I’d probably suggest you take the alternative of staying back,” warned the governor.

The state has activated its emergency operations center.

As the governor monitors the impact of the storm on nature and New Jersey, he visited James Monroe Elementary School on Read Across America Day talking to kids about protecting the environment.

On the birthday of Dr. Seuss, Murphy read “The Lorax” to an excited and interactive first grade class. The governor quizzed his listeners for one moral of the story.

“Not to cut the trees down,” said one student.

How many teachers can say the governor came to their class to read a message of caring for the Earth?

“It’s very important that we teach our students daily about our Earth, and how important it is that we only have one and we need to take care of it,” said James Monroe Elementary School teacher, Susan Elsamna.

“It was such an awesome experience,” said another James Monroe teacher, Linda Milton.

And then just like that, the governor slipped away on Read Across America Day.