Meteorologist Says Snowfall Will Continue Throughout the Night

February 13, 2014 | Weather
Meteorologist Cifelli says that snow will return with possible accumulations of 6" in some portions of NJ overnight.

Another snowstorm has made its way through New Jersey, but it’s not over just yet. Meteorologist John Cifelli told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that there is some mist and drizzle around that state but that conditions will change.

“You can’t see it but there’s a very fine mist and drizzle that has been persistent throughout the day,” said Cifelli. “The radar doesn’t really show it that light but it will change shortly.”

Parts of the state have seen different amounts of snow and Cifelli said that’s not unexpected with the type of storm that hit. Snow started from South Jersey, then progressed north. Some parts of the state saw conditions change into sleet or rain and parts of South Jersey saw the storm taper off.

Overnight temperatures will drop and precipitation will pick up once again through New Jersey, starting from the south and making its way up north.

“Tonight, the temperatures will drop into the 20s, so plenty of opportunities for freezing, especially since there are a lot of storm drains that are blocked up,” said Cifelli.

Cifelli said that there are a lot puddles forming from the storm and that snow will return throughout the night. Snow could fall between one and two inches per hour and accumulate between one to two inches in the south and up to six inches in the northern portions of the state.

Snowfall will continue until the late hours of the night and could end between 2 and 5 a.m., according to Cifelli. He said it should be done for the morning.