Memo to Christie Insiders Says Governor is Improving in GOP Polls, Favorability Rating

October 7, 2015 | Politics

By Michael Aron
Chief Political Correspondent

The memo to Chris Christie insiders and donors came from campaign chief strategist Mike DuHaime on Sunday.

It begins, “The 2016 Republican field is the largest and strongest of either party in the history of our modern primary system, leading to even more instability in what is always a volatile process. Within that volatility lies opportunity…”

“Seven candidates have led in national polling this year already,” it goes on and names the many different candidates who led the field at this time four and eight years ago.

It points out that Christie’s favorability rate has been steadily rising, up to 59 percent in one poll.

“…This means his favorability nationally is higher than it was post-Sandy in 2012 or post re-election in 2013,” it says.

A chart shows his favorability up 18 percent since June in Iowa, up 20 percent nationally and up 21 percent in New Hampshire.

DuHaime writes, “As the Republican governor in a Democrat heavy state in the largest media market in the country, Governor Christie has undergone more relentless and sometimes agenda-driven national press scrutiny that anyone in the primary race….Even in the face of this, Governor Christie is well-positioned and his image ratings are trending positively. None of the other Republican candidates….is as tested with a proven ability to withstand scrutiny. None of them has competed and governed in such large media markets….”

A graph shows how Christie poll numbers in New Hampshire have risen from two percent to seven percent in three weeks’ time.

DuHaime writes that in Iowa, Christie has built the best organization of any candidate.

He argues Christie has done exceedingly well in blue state New Jersey, especially with women and minorities, and can beat Hillary Clinton.

His memo ends, “Republicans want strength and authenticity in their nominee and they know that Governor Christie tells it like it…Despite the focus on the day-to-day horse race, the fundamentals that determine who Republicans choose as our nominee remain unchanged. Hard work matters. Ideas matter. Political talent matters. Results matter. Organization matters.

“Governor Christie has quietly and methodically been building the organization necessary to win the nomination, while slowly, but unquestionably improving in the fundamentals that matter in polling.

“Standing on the strength of his ideas, his executive experience and his commitment to tell it like it is, Governor Christie has the skills that will enable him to win the nomination and take back the White House for Republicans.”

So that’s how the Christie Campaign sees it.

It’s a rose-colored-glasses way of looking at the race.

But it has a strategy embedded in it, which boils down to “slow and steady wins the race.”