Lawmakers Disappointed NJ Not Getting Featured in Super Bowl Promotions

January 23, 2014 | Politics, Sports
Sens. Menendez and Booker met to get the message out that the Super Bowl is happening in New Jersey, not New York.

By Lauren Wanko

The Super Bowl is happening in New Jersey, not New York. That’s the message these political leaders want to make clear.

“Every time I hear a player or a broadcaster saying he’s heading to New York for the Super Bowl, my ears bleed,” said Sen. Robert Menendez.

“Now I am confounded by the commentators who seem to love the confusion, these pathetic prognostications of the pundits. The truth is this is truly a Jersey game,” said Sen. Cory Booker.

Menendez today held up the cover of the Super Bowl XLVIII program.

“Apparently the NFL needs a geography lesson as well,” Menendez said.

The senator pointed out the program highlights New York City and only a small portion of New Jersey.

“I think the NFL there was certainly if not implied they were gonna create an environment in which New Jersey was gonna be featured and largely. As we can see from their cover, we don’t have a New Jersey that’s featured,” Menendez said.

The NFL did not return NJTV’s calls.

In East Rutherford, local businesses are banking on increased sales and foot traffic. They expect fans to stop in town during the Super Bowl.

Pizza Mia’s Manager Sal Searavilla delivered his menus to all the hotels in the area. He plans on making extra pizzas on game day. And extra staffers are standing by for a rush of fans, even if those fans are headed back to New York.

“I got the advantage of the train station. People gotta get on the station to go to New York so hopefully it will help me,” Searavilla said.

Pizza and beer — football staples. Mason’s Cellar’s owners are stocking up on inventory.

“I think we’re gonna have a nice crowd. People are gonna come here to New Jersey maybe to avoid the high city prices, but I think we’ll definitely get a good crowd. This is where the game’s played after all,” said Michelle Izquierdo.

“What we do want is to maximize the opportunity that the Super Bowl supposedly promises,” Menendez said.

These business owners agree and with nearly a week until the big game, they’re all hoping to score.

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