Lawmakers and advocates push criminal justice legislation

They disagree on legalizing marijuana for adults. But on decriminalization to have possession treated like a parking ticket, Rev. Charles Boyer and Sen. Ron Rice agree and insist the governor and Senate president get on board if changing marijuana laws is about ending racial disparities.

Rice called this gathering of African American and Latino lawmakers and advocates to urge New Jersey’s political leadership to support or sign social justice bills. Among them, expunging records of 200,000 in New Jersey for criminal convictions of simple possession of marijuana. They are bills that have been on the governor’s desk since June 10.

Edward Forchion, a marijuana rights advocate also known as NJ Weedman, challenged lawmakers on the bill not including convictions for possession with intent to distribute.

Others say the time is now on those bills and reform of the juvenile justice system. The Governor’s Office says he does not comment on specific or pending legislation.