Jersey takes its first-ever legal Super Bowl bets

Raven Santana, Correspondent | February 4, 2019 | Sports

History was made on Sunday. For the first time, people were able to legally place a bet on the Super Bowl outside of Nevada.

“So the numbers that we were anticipating will far out exceed Nevada, and everyone’s shocked about that. We’re looking at potentially, just on the Super Bowl, a $200 million clip of handle on sports and I think that might be conservative,” said Bill Pascrell, lobbyist for Princeton Public Affairs group

Pascrell says whether you bet at a sportsbook like the Meadowlands, online in the comfort of your own home, or by pulling out your phone at a bar, New Jersey was the real Super Bowl winner.

“Very excited about what the Super Bowl brought, and just a few short weeks from now we’ll be talking about the Final Four and the numbers from that,” Pascrell said.

FanDuel estimates that its customers in New Jersey won almost $5 million on the big game. Joseph Scardino was one of those lucky gamblers. He joined others at the Meadowlands to collect their winnings.

“I thought it was exciting, it was excellent. It’s very convenient, and if you win it’s even better,” said Scardino.

But it wasn’t just about picking between the Patriots and the Rams. People also placed bets on other outcomes, like the opening coin toss.

“I was a winner before the game started. I had tails,” said Henry Sydlar, who won $100.

But not everyone was as lucky.

“I just bet a straight game. I bet Los Angeles Rams and I lost. Just straight up, no prop bets or no nothing like that or anything,” said sports bettor Danny DeVito.

Pascrell says New Jersey is on course to exceed Vegas in its first year of legalized betting. He also believes the future of betting will include betting on political outcomes.