In Iowa, Booker talks Trump impeachment probe and debate prep

NJTV News Senior Correspondent David Cruz was on the Booker Beat in Des Moines, where Sen. Cory Booker just completed his four-day tour through the Hawkeye State. NJTV News caught up with the senator and asked him about a handful of topics: namely, the Trump impeachment probe and debate prep.

Impeachment probe:

“There’s a lot more to this than we even know already, and what we know already is pretty damning. But there are more professionals that have witnessed this behavior, more people implicated from the State Department to the Department of Justice. A lot more is going to come out. It is going to become a moment in this country where a lot of my colleagues and others are going to have to decide what’s more important: patriotism or partisanship? And I have a lot of faith that the patriots are going to come forward and begin to say there’s lines in this country and this president has crossed them.”

The White House not participating in the impeachment investigation:

“I think that if the president of the United States is saying that he’s not going to comply with congressional oversight we have a problem, but we still have processes with which to challenge that, including using a judicial means. Now, being that we started an impeachment inquiry, I think that’s gives us even more leverage to force the president of the United States to comply. But it’s a very dangerous thing when the president of the United States says he is not subject to the checks and balances as prescribed by the Constitution. So we’re in a very dangerous period, but I do believe that ultimately we will be able to hold him accountable.”

Prep for the upcoming fourth debate in Ohio compared to the first debate:

“Sincerely, it’s very similar. I want to go up there and be myself, have fun. Let the American people know why I’m running: to bring this country together. Heal the rifts and divides. That we can do justice and expand opportunity for all Americans. This is a moment that I think is so precious, I mean I get to stand on the national stage with a handful of my peers to compete to be the president of the United States. And so everything I’m going to do up there is to try and show people my heart, what my spirit’s about, the ideas I have and let people that I’m going to be the president that’s going to heal this country [and] brings us together.”

For Tuesday’s debate, Booker will be one of 12 Democrats taking the stage at Otterbein University.

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