How Cory Booker is getting ready for the fourth Democratic presidential debate

On the Booker Beat, NJTV News Senior Correspondent David Cruz spoke with Cory Booker’s national campaign press secretary Sabrina Singh ahead of Tuesday night’s fourth Democratic presidential debate at Otterbein University in Ohio.

While the topics Tuesday night may differ from the first few debates, Singh says Booker is well-versed on the issues. “Some of debate prep is pretty much the same, drilling through and making sure that he feels comfortable on some of those issues,” she said. “You don’t want to overcram the day of the debates.”

Despite good marks for past debate performances, in a crowded field of Democratic candidates, Booker is still in need of a breakout moment that could result in an uptick in poll numbers, particularly in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

“We know that we have to have a moment for us to make sure that people understand why he is running and why he is the best candidate in the race,” said Singh. “I will say with 12 candidates on stage, that’s really hard to do in three hours.”

Singh also mentioned that Booker’s attention-garnering “Kool-Aid” line from the second debate, one of the camp’s most viral moments thus far, was something he thought of on the fly, adding that “you can’t prepare for everything.”

Booker doesn’t show any signs of slowing down after the debate, with trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina planned in the coming days.

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