Hospitals, Public Works Prepared for Blizzard

January 26, 2015 | Health Care, Weather

A storm of the magnitude expected from Winter Storm Juno affects the entire region. In dangerous storms, local emergency departments can get slammed with patients. NJTV News Correspondent Michael Hill went to check out emergency protocols for hospitals in the snow line. He told Anchor Mary Alice Williams that Westchester Medical Center in New York has a plan in place.

Hill said the medical center has enough supplies — medication, food, equipment, blood and fuel — to last several days. The organization made preparations ahead of last week’s storm that dropped about six inches in the region and then continued to prepare for this bigger storm over the weekend.

Westchester Medical Center staff told Hill they are ready for whatever the storm brings. Nurses, doctors, administrators, operations employees and emergency personnel will be staying on campus tonight. “Basically it’s gonna be like one big dormitory or a couple of dormitories,” Hill said.

White Plains Department of Public Works Director Joseph Nicoletti Jr. told Hill that the department is using rock salt, which is typical, and liquid calcium de-icers when temperatures fall below 25 degrees. The department has about 100 workers on 16-hour shifts to cover the 150 miles of roadway in White Plains.

Hill said Nicoletti reiterated that people should stay home and not go out after 10 or 11 p.m. since snow is expected to fall between two to four inches per hour.

“He [Nicoletti] said it’s a disaster in the making. And if you go out in that and you can’t get home, you put yourself in danger, your car in danger and certainly the workers, you’re impeding their progress if you’re out there on the roads as they try to plow and they try to salt the roads so that everybody can be safe,” Hill said.