Grades4Life encourages and rewards good grades and behavior

Grades4Life is a nonprofit that focuses on rewarding students in grades k-12th for good grades and behavior. To participate, students first have to enroll either online or through a mobile app. To earn points students upload photos, videos or information on an activity they attended.

“How it works is students, based on their grades and based on their behavior, they can redeem points which they can redeem at the local businesses. So we’ve had Papa John’s involved, businesses such as McDonald’s, it can be anything. We actually did an event at NFL Films where we brought the students there and that was a reward for the students as well. So it really be an experience. It’s just about showing students if you do something positive, something good will come,” said president Chris Johnson.

But before they can redeem the points, teachers then have to verify the information that’s been uploaded. Students can use grades from tests of quizzes where an “A” is worth 3 points and a “B” is worth 2 points for example or they can wait to the end of the marking period and base grades off their report cards where the points increase. An “A” there is worth 15 points.

In addition to rewarding students with good grades, the program also motivates students that may struggle in school. The program doesn’t end when schools out, the program also offers students internships in the summer.

Currently the program is working with five schools in three different school districts. The nonprofit’s president says his goal is to expand to more schools in the state.