Governor Christie Eulogizes Assemblyman Alex DeCroce

January 10, 2012 | Politics
Governor Chris Christie eulogized Assemblyman Alex DeCroce who died suddenly at the Statehouse Monday night instead of the planned State of the State address.

Governor Christie addressed the Legislature Tuesday with a eulogy to Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce instead of the planned State of the State address. DeCroce, of Morris County, collapsed at the Statehouse and died late Monday night at the age of 75. Christie had known DeCroce for almost 20 years, calling him “a close family friend and mentor.”


Christie discussed DeCroce’s work in politics, particularly in transportation and victims’ rights. He said the victims of crimes and their families had lost their greatest advocate. Christie also read portions of a speech DeCroce had prepared to give Tuesday, citing that he had wanted both Republicans and Democrats to work together to solve problems. He also talked about DeCroce as a person, calling him a friend who “was dedicated, honest and down to earth.”

“In a business that is sometimes rough and tumble and replete with broken commitments, he was one of the kindest, most gentle and most trustworthy people I have ever known,” Christie said. “Due to all of these extraordinary traits, you couldn’t find anyone, on either side of the aisle, that didn’t like Alex DeCroce.”

Christie plans to give his State of the State address to the Legislature next week.