Experience what entertaining was like during the Revolutionary War

The Monmouth County Historical Association hosted its second annual Revolutionary Rave — an event that gives participants an idea of what it was like to entertain in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Party guests piled in to the Taylor-Butler House in Middletown, where dancing master Sue Dupre taught historical dances — like longways and square formations — to the group. Since Dupre is teaching a 21st century audience, she says she often teaches the basics and avoids the many complex steps people once learned hundreds of years ago.

The Historical Association got the idea for the Revolutionary Rave last year when the organization’s sewing group decided they wanted a good excuse to wear the pieces they made during meetings.

“Hours and hours and hours go into making these dresses and to spend a couple hours dancing in it they’re comfortable and it’s a whole different way of moving your body. It feels great,” said Ghislaine Darden, a member of the association.