Early Polls Show Obama Ahead of Romney in Final Debate; NJ Dems Pleased with President’s Performance

October 23, 2012 | Elections
After the final debate, early polls have shown President Barack Obama leading challenger Mitt Romney, which New Jersey Democrats are happy about.

With two weeks until election day, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney are dashing through the so-called battleground states hoping that last night’s final debate will help propel them to victory.

The president’s tone was different from the first debate and unlike the second while Romney found common ground on more than one occasion.

It’s unclear whether the Romney campaign thought they could win by turning a foreign policy debate to economic issues, but the early polls indicate it didn’t work. CNN’s survey put the president eight points ahead while the CBS poll said the president beat Romney by well over a 2-to-1 margin, which pleased Democrats considerably.


“Who do you trust if you can’t trust Gov. Romney from position to position, how can you trust him to take this government in command, in control into a world that is in turmoil?” asked Democratic Sen. Nia Gill. “And I think we need President Obama to continue.”

“I thought the interesting thing last night was how Romney kept agreeing with the president, didn’t want to be overly aggressive,” said Sen. Richard Codey. “It was kind of like he wanted to say listen, I went 10 rounds with the champ, the president, he didn’t knock me out and that could be good enough to win the election.”