Christie Urges Support of Income Tax Cut Plan

February 23, 2012 | Politics
The governor defended his plan to reduce income taxes by 10 percent over three years at a town hall event in Palisades Park.

Gov. Chris Christie held a town hall meeting in Palisades Park Wednesday where he asked those in attendance to support his plan to cut the state income tax by 10 percent over three years. Democrats have said Christie is reducing the wrong tax since an income tax cut favors the wealthy and have called for him to increase homestead rebates instead to ease the burden of property taxes. Christie pointed out that property taxes increased 70 percent in the 10 years the Democrats were in power.

Christie said that with the progressive tax system in New Jersey, “people who pay more are going to get more when you cut taxes.” He added that he would not raise taxes for any residents, meaning the millionaire’s tax would not go up under his leadership.

NJToday Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron covered the town hall meeting and the press conference that followed. He also sat down with Managing Editor Mike Schneider to discuss the governor’s recent appearances in the national media and the chances of him running for vice president or president in the future.