Christie Blasts Democrats for Deferring Tax Cut, Voting for Millionaire’s Tax

June 26, 2012 | Politics
Gov. Chris Christie told an audience at a town hall in Brick Township that Democrats lied to residents about a tax cut.

Gov. Chris Christie had harsh words for Democrats during a packed town hall in Brick Township this afternoon. The way the governor sees it, he wanted to cut the income tax for everyone and the Democrats wouldn’t go for it, voting to raise income taxes $800 million.

Democrats say they passed a prudent budget that defers the tax cut until the tax revenues improve. Christie called them Corzine Democrats who not only deferred his tax cut, but voted again for a millionaire’s tax. He also accused them of deception.

“Let’s say I’m Sen. Paul Sarlo, Senate chairman budget committee, who said in February on NJTV there will be no tax increases on this budget. He voted the other night in the Senate budget committee to raise income taxes $800 million,” Christie said. “So now they’re giving you a twofer. They’re not only not cutting your taxes, they’re going to raise income taxes $800 million.”

Christie is expected to line item veto the budget toward the end of this week and to remind audiences all summer which party was for a tax cut now and which voted a third time to hike the income tax on millionaires, or as he puts it the job creators.

“This summer I’m going to travel all over the state of New Jersey and I am going to point out to every living, breathing New Jerseyan I can find that these folks lied to you, they lied to me and I am going to kick their rear ends from one end of the state to the other to get your tax cut,” Christie said.

Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron reports from Brick Township.