Check out Union County’s new, more secure voting machines

The Express Vote XL is the newest voting machine in New Jersey. It was on display Wednesday at a farmer’s market in Roselle Park.

“I like, I’ll call a check off system, that even though you pressed the bottom you are asked to do it a second time or a third time. So I thought that was good,” said Antionette Love, a Roselle Park resident who tried out the new machine.

Roselle Park is just one of a dozen municipalities that are holding demonstrations to help voters become familiar with the new machines. The Nov. 5 election will be the first time they will be used in all of Union County. During the 2018 midterms the machines were rolled out for a pilot program in Westfield.

It’s the first time in 20 years that the county’s received new voting machines.

For those who are concerned about election security, officials says there’s no way for the voting machine to be hacked because it’s not connected to the internet. But while they’ve taken steps to prevent hacking via the internet, they cannot prevent anyone from tampering with the physical machine while voting.

And for the first time Union County voters will receive a verified paper trail. If there are any issues a voter can change their selection or quit the voting session altogether. The ballot will then be printed without the person’s name and stored in an envelope or basket where the paper trail is randomly and safely stored.