Booker’s job approval rating slips during run for president

The latest Monmouth University poll shows that while Sen. Cory Booker’s running for president, his current job approval rating has slipped to 45% among registered voters in New Jersey, compared to 54% in April of last year.

His disapproval rating increased in the same time period, from 31% up to 40%.

Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Patrick Murray, says the poll numbers may partially be attributed to a history of Jersey’s top officials making a bid for the presidency.

“There’s a question of resentment I think that many voters form. Is that, why is this job not good enough for you?” said Murray. “But they understand the allure of running for president, but the problem I think is that Chris Christie set this kind of standard where there was a real resentment that he was only using his job as governor as a stepping stone that has had a ripple effect on Cory Booker.”

The Monmouth University poll of New Jerseysans resembles national polls and finds the same three Democrats – Biden, Warren and Sanders – scoring in the double-digits; although unlike national polls, this is the only one that puts Booker in fourth. The results don’t necessarily surprise Murray, especially since it’s still early in the game.

“By the time we get to New Jersey’s primary, which is pretty much the last in the nation, either the race will be over or it’ll be down to two people,” said Murray.

As mayor of Newark, Booker revamped the water department, but a corruption scandal led to a half dozen officials pleading guilty. Some advocates have said that has led to the city’s recent lead in water crisis.

In the Monmouth poll, 28% said Booker bears a great deal of responsibility for the Brick City’s water problem, and 23% said he bears some responsibility for it.

Booker did not respond to NJTV News’ requests for comment Thursday.

If the president signs it in to law, a bill Booker wrote would allow New Jersey to use a hundred million federal dollars for the borrowed $120 million lead service line replacement project in Newark.

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