Booker will look to break from the pack in fourth Democratic debate

NJTV News Senior Correspondent David Cruz is on the Booker Beat in Ohio, as Cory Booker prepares for what will be the largest presidential primary debate in recorded American political history, with a dozen candidates sharing the stage.

Since the last debate, where candidates went head-to-head on topics of health care and immigration, the political landscape has been turned upside down by the news of President Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president that’s led Democrats to push for impeachment proceedings. The recent development has the potential to dominate the conversation Tuesday night.

While foreign policy has been little-discussed at debates so far, that too could change, with Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.

When NJTV News caught up with Booker in Iowa a few days ago, he said he’s preparing for this debate the same way he’s prepared for the other ones, saying he wants to have fun on stage and tell voters about who he is and what he believes. Despite having done pretty well, by most estimations, in previous debates, Booker’s poll numbers are still in the middle to the bottom of the pack.

Even with a recent fundraising push, the most recent numbers show Booker has raised about $12 million — just about half of what some of the top-tier candidates, such as Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have raised. He’ll likely be looking for a breakout moment while in the spotlight at Westerville’s Otterbein University to keep his campaign from veering off track.

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