Booker talks poll numbers and gun laws at Miami forum

Grounded due to weather, NJTV Correspondent Michael Hill is in Atlanta en route to Iowa, discussing Sen. Cory Booker’s pursuit of that elusive bump in the polls to distinguish himself from a crowded field of democratic candidates angling to become the party’s presidential nominee.

Since April, Booker’s poll numbers have slipped in Iowa, but a strong second Democratic debate performance earned him high marks.

“The polls this far out have never predicted who the president’s going to be. In fact, I would be worried right now if I was polling ahead because the only people this far out who are polling ahead that ended up getting our nomination ultimately didn’t become president,” Booker said Thursday evening at a National Association of Black Journalists forum in Miami.

Following recent mass shootings and calls to strengthen gun laws at the national level, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would make front and center bills to bolster background checks and red flag laws. Booker, who’s called for better gun laws and enforcement, said he’s skeptical that the Senate was going to do something significant.

On Saturday, Booker and many of the other presidential hopefuls will visit the Iowa State Fair, a rite of passage in presidential politics. This will be Booker’s eighth visit to Iowa since announcing his bid for president.