Asw. Munoz: Christie Has Funded Women’s Health Care in Other Avenues

August 26, 2014 | Health Care, Politics

Some state lawmakers were upset with Gov. Chris Christie over his position on women’s health care and equal pay for women. Deputy Republican leader, Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, told NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams that it needs to be made clear that the line item veto of women’s health care center funding was one cut and that the governor has provided money for other options.

“The governor has vetoed $7.2 [million] to $7.5 million every year for the last five years because he’s chosen to fund women’s health care in another avenue,” said Munoz.

Munoz said that she is the head nurse on the health committee and that there are many ways to provide women’s health care. According to Munoz, the governor has increased the amount of health care funding through other avenues and that funding has increased from $82 million to $90 million.

Recently Assemblywoman Linda Stender alleged that Christie cut funding for women’s health care for political reasons. Munoz says that she disagrees and that it’s a convenient argument to make for people who disagree with the governor.

As for the women who were reliant on the heath care centers that have closed, Munoz said that they can go to federally qualified health centers. She also said that there are 105 health care centers within the state, one for every single county, as well as 49 family planning centers.

Munoz said that health care is being provided for women throughout the state and that she believes that it’s a political argument when it comes to the issue.

“In my view, it’s meant to put us on the spot as Republicans to say it’s an issue in our campaigns, that Assemblywoman Munoz voted against women’s health care. Incorrect, untrue. I support the governor in other ways of providing health care,” said Munoz.

The governor recently vetoed a measure meant to provide equal pay for women and Sen. Loretta Weinberg said, “I think the governor has some kind of anti-woman veto pen that he must keep in a special place on his desk whether we’re talking about money for family planning center that he’s vetoed.”

Munoz said that she disagrees and that equal pay is a complicated issue. Although she voted against it, Munoz said that there has to be further study on equal pay and that there’s many things that contribute to the differences in pay. Munoz also said that women leave the workforce to have children and that she has worked with Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande on policies to make the workplace more mother friendly.

She also said that she knows that the governor is committed to women’s health care.

“I know how hard it is but I also know that the governor is committed to women’s health care,” said Munoz. “It’s good soundbites but not necessarily the right message is … getting out that the governor is doing the right thing for the women of New Jersey.”