Another day with no verdict at Menendez trial

Day seven of deliberations in the trial of Sen. Bob Menendez and co-defendant Salomon Melgen and still there’s no verdict. Wednesday marked the third full day of deliberations with the alternate juror who was seated on Monday.

While all of the principles were in the courtroom Wednesday, there were no arguments and the judge gave no additional instructions to the jury.

“Continue your deliberations,” said Judge William Walls as the jury filed into the courtroom.

After a full day with no questions, the jury filed back into the courtroom only to be told to return to deliberations Thursday.

“Get a good night’s rest,” said the judge. “We’ll see you in the morning.”

Menendez is facing corruption charges stemming from gifts he received from Melgen, a longtime friend.

Afterwards, outside of the courthouse, the senator praised the jury for its work.

“For two and a half years, I have not wavered from asserting my interests, and I appreciate that there are clearly jurors who are asserting my innocence, as well in the jury room,” the senator told reporters. “The work, the deliberations, after nine weeks of trial, and now the second week of deliberations of the attentiveness, the jurors are showing to the charge that they took, and I appreciate that. I appreciate the jurors are standing up for me, in terms of advocating for my innocence. I hope that they come to a verdict, across the board, of innocence, and I look forward hopefully to tomorrow being that day.”