Accumulating snow continues through the night

  • Snow ends NW to SE between 9 p.m. and midnight
  • Accumulations quickly increase after dark
  • Double digit totals likely widespread
  • Fair weather the rest of the week

Our spring nor’easter is slowly sliding away. The key word is “slowly,” as it will be several hours yet before snow winds down across New Jersey. Snow struggled to accumulate on roadways most of the day. That is quickly changing as the sun sets and roadways lose the advantage of solar insolation. Nevertheless, as of 6 p.m., many parts of the state were approaching half a foot of snow. Bands of heavier precipitation with heavy snowfall rates are pivoting in from the ocean, and accumulations will continue to pile up. I think in general, another 3 to 5 inches can be expected, especially in the eastern half of the state.

Our power infrastructure is holding up well enough so far. Over 11,000 residents are without power, mostly in southern New Jersey where ice accrual last night set them up for trouble today. Tonight’s hide tide cycle will bring widespread moderate coastal flooding, particularly to southern beaches, bays and inlets.

With snow winding down by midnight, there will be plenty of time for road crews to respond and prepare residents to have a relatively normal day tomorrow. Give yourself time for clearing out, and enjoy a seasonably cold but sunny day. The rest of the week through Sunday looks about the same — fair and cool.