Where the Action Is: A Guide to New Jersey’s Most-Contested Primaries

June 1, 2015 | Elections
‘Common Sense Conservatives’ are mixing it up with ‘Real Democrats for Change’ and other hopefuls.

Credit: Amanda Brown
Credit: Amanda Brown
By Colleen O’Dea for NJ Spotlight

Voters in just one-eighth of New Jersey’s legislative districts will have a choice in tomorrow’s primary election for state representatives.

With Assembly nominations topping the ballot, this is one of the quietest elections in recent memory in most of the state. That’s surprising, given that the stakes are high — control of the Assembly. In total, 170 candidates are running for 160 slots on the November ballot, 80 for each party. Independent candidates may also file to run in the general election.

“Competition over legislative seats was more intense two years ago because the governor was running for reelection and state Senate seats also were up for grabs,’’ said Jeffrey Brindle, executive director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. “Assembly candidates this year are running alone, and most incumbents are facing little or no primary competition.”

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