Wanaque Center separates patients with adenovirus

The Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation has completed a state-mandated separation of medically fragile residents from those infected by adenovirus.

The patients were grouped using results from laboratory testing and identification of the patients’ symptoms.

Thirty four children have been infected and 11 children have died since the adenovirus outbreak started at the Center in September.

The New Jersey Department of Health confirmed that the infected children were separated before the Nov. 21 deadline given by the state. Officials also report that a continuously decreasing census has given the center sufficient space to separate the patients.

The facility previously did not have the space to separate the infected children when the outbreak started, but has recently seen a decrease in patients at the center.

The Department of Health has also required the facility hire a certified Infection Control Practioner, ICP, and the services of a department-approved physician or physician practice with board certification in infectious disease, which was to be in place by Monday, Nov. 19.