NJTV Weather: Snow To Begin Before Sunrise, For A Slippery Morning Commute

January 5, 2015 | Weather

By Meteorologist John Cifelli

Much like last night’s “now you see it, now you don’t” pass interference no-call on the Dallas Cowboys, we were teased weather wise yesterday with daytime temperatures above 60 across much of New Jersey. ​The penalty flag was picked up and taken back by the referee, almost simultaneously as a cold front pressed across New Jersey, dashing the fleeting consolations of Eagles and Giants fans, and warm weather lover alike. Today we find ourselves experiencing the leading edge of an Arctic air mass, ushering much colder air, including dangerous cold for Wednesday. Take a peek at your thermometer right now, you might not see the warm side of 32 degrees for the next week. Ouch.

We will reach our daytime high temperatures a little early today, and by mid afternoon we are sliding into the 20’s. Winds will still be brisk so the windchill will have you reaching for the extra scarf and gloves. The only thing that keeps temperatures from bottoming out tonight is clouds arriving with a weak clipper system flying down from Canada today. Flying is a pretty fair description, as it will be bringing snow to Minnesota and Iowa this afternoon before zipping eastward. It’s a pretty moisture starved system, but it’s so darn cold both at the surface and aloft in the snow growth zone that it won’t take much to squeeze out a couple inches of snow.

Perhaps the piece of the puzzle that looks to complicate things is the start time. Southern New Jersey will see snow begin before sunrise, and the rest of the state shortly thereafter. Salt will not be very effective given the cold, so a coating during the morning rush will make for a slippery commute in many places. We are tapering to flurries by the afternoon after about a six hour period of light snow. The fluff factor will be very high, it’s the kind of snow you can remove with a broom. Accumulating snow may linger a bit longer for coastal locations as the storm reaches the Atlantic and finds some opportunity to begin strengthening as it moves towards the Canadian Maritimes.

Here’s the snow map:

Wednesday night and Thursday will bring the coldest night and day of the winter thus far, with single digits Wednesday night for much of the state, and highs in the teens and low 20’s on Thursday. Bundle up!