Jaffe Morning Briefing: July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 | Politics



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MANASQUAN – Yes, property rights must be protected. But Superstorm Sandy taught every shore town a huge lesson: Mother Nature gives and Mother Nature will take. So how can Manasquan simply decide not to have protective sand dunes rebuilt? The town, focused on protecting all those oceanfront views and tourism, claims that dunes wouldn’t do much when the next storm hits – despite coastal experts believing otherwise. So, when the next massive storm hits Manasquan – and it will – everyone will get panoramic views as their homes float out to sea.

PATERSON – Well, we saw this coming. With all the well-hyped plans to put a woman’s image on the $10 bill, descendants of Alexander Hamilton are howling. Sure, a woman should be on American currency, but why should Hamilton fall on the sword? Don Hamilton, who is Hamilton’s great-great-great-great-great-grandson, reminds the public that grandpop was the country’s first treasury secretary and created the modern U.S. financial system, with a national debt, bank and mint. Moreover, Hamilton launched the Industrial Revolution in Paterson, conceiving the first major U.S. water power system at the Great Falls. So, Don Hamilton asks, why is the “father of paper money” the one who loses out?

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie will be campaigning somewhere today and Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno has no public events on her schedule. So, uh, that is the news.

SEA BRIGHT – In a huge step forward in Sandy recovery worthy of note, a tiki bar began serving up frosty drinks over the weekend on the site of Donovan’s Reef, which was destroyed in October 2012. The main building has still not been rebuilt, but locals loved the idea of returning to one of the main attractions in Sea Bright, where you can stick your feet in the sand, listen to music and drink something cold. Construction of the main building is expected to begin this fall.

LONG BRANCH – You will rarely see theater reviews on this page – as most live performances we see involve kids and occur in a public school. So, what a treat to report on one of the least-known theaters, a 64-seat place on Broadway in Long Branch. The New Jersey Repertory Theater is now running “Closure,” including such big names as Gary Cole (“Office Space”) and Wendy Malick (“Just Shoot Me”). They are in town through July 19; you can see them wandering around Pier Village on any given day, killing time between shows. It is a great one-act play if you can somehow land tickets in one of the most “intimate” theaters around.


LOUISVILLE, KY – The South took a huge step forward, as the Confederate flag came down in South Carolina. Weird time for KFC to be resuscitating what looks like the spitting image of a Southern plantation owner – Col. Harland Sanders – who died in 1980. KFC has erected a life-like colonel statue at Kentucky Speedway’s grandstand and this weekend Colonel-clones made the rounds at San Diego’s Comic-Con to promote a graphic novel that recasts Col. Sanders as a drumstick-thumping superhero. Do the KFC marketing folks really think using an old Southern guy is the key to millennials buying fried chicken?

AT WORK – Happy Gruntled Day! On this glorious summer Monday, workers who actually like their jobs are skipping into work, humming a show tune and giving the custodian a high five. Gruntled Day is celebrated every July 13 to mark the opposite of workers who hate everything about their jobs. No clue who celebrates this, but Gruntled Day is actually a “copyrighted holiday,” created by Thomas and Ruth Roy. Perhaps that means we would have to pay the couple a royalty to mark the day, making all the gruntled people suddenly disgruntled.


It was this day in 1984 that Eddie Van Halen apparently went to the wrong concert venue, joining in a Michael Jackson concert.



Smatter – Verb, transitive

Definition: To dabble in, to know superficially, as to smatter in New Jersey politics

Example: “Bob sure likes to smatter on about Donald Trump’s position on Ecuadorian macro economic policy.”

(Please do not confuse this word with a special New Jersey word – sa’mattah – slurred English for “Hey, what is the matter with you?”)

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