Deep Dive on Vaccinations

January 30, 2015 | Health Care

20150130_Title_DeepDive_VaccinationsMeasles are making a comeback. Vaccines have been routine and widely available, even prerequisites for starting school. Still, a growing number of parents are opting their kids out. Brianna Vanozzi takes a deep dive into what information is informing their decisions in a three-part series.



Vaccination Debate: Parents, Doctors Discuss the Pros, Cons of Immunizations
Some parents don’t want to immunize their children, for fear of doing harm, but most doctors say the vaccines are safe and offer the best way to prevent disease.





Vaccination Debate: Personal Choice Versus Public Health
A group of parents believe they should be able to decide whether or not their children receive vaccines. But others say that decision could put public health at risk, bringing back deadly diseases that were thought to be eradicated.




Vaccination Debate: Legal Ramifications for Failing to Vaccinate?
Some say taking legal action against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children is the only way to show them that what they believe is a personal decision is impacting public health and could lead to misery and death.