Activists criticize Legislature for failing to pass progressive priorities

June 27, 2019 | Politics

A millionaire’s tax. Reforms to the state’s tax incentive program. Legalized recreational marijuana.

On this last scheduled voting day of the Legislative season, progressive groups criticized legislative Democrats they say haven’t done enough to move these priorities forward, and they’re vowing to hold lawmakers accountable in the future.

“In New Jersey, we have a Democratic trifecta, which in theory means we should be able to achieve all kinds of policy dreams and accomplishments that would help a large number of New Jerseyans. We look to New York, where these things had happened successfully, and we wonder why that could not happen here,” said New Jersey Working Families State Director Sue Altman. “The truth is, the Legislature is not afraid of us. And so, this summer, next fall, we must organize, we must escalate, because democracy is not working in New Jersey and that has to change.”