Yasin “Jason” Celik





Hometown: Howell, NJ

Occupation: Legal Services

Top 3 Issues: Providing affordable healthcare and higher education; Creating good-paying jobs of the future while protecting our environment; Pass marijuana legislation and ease the opioid crisis.

Free-time activity: “I like spending time with my daughter, taking her to the park, reading books, and finding events in our neighborhood to go as a family. We have beautiful beaches, parks all across our state, and I enjoy spending time there.”

Social Media: Facebook

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Hi, my name is Yasin Celik, many of my friends and colleagues call me Jason. I’m happily married and have a wonderful 3-year-old daughter. I studied political science at Brookdale Community College and Rutgers University. In my professional career, I 've worked in education, transportation, insurance, and am currently working at a reputable law firm helping consumers and those that have been injured. I’m running for public office to serve as Assemblyman of the 30th Legislative district which covers parts of Monmouth and Ocean counties. I’m 38 years old and was born and raised in Monmouth county.

I’m running for my generation and for my kid’s generation. I’m running for hard-working families across the State and District and to serve the public good. I’m running to make New Jersey cleaner and greener while creating jobs of the future and improving the quality of life of our citizens.

I am committed to creating stronger communities with a focus on inclusion and economic empowerment. I believe the ultimate responsibility of any government is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of its citizens. That means making sure everyone has access to healthcare, where no one has to fear going to the doctor because they worry about not being able to pay the bill. This includes essential health benefits, maternity care, mental health, preventative care, and periodic screenings.

I know many people feel that their voices aren’t being heard and feel that the system isn’t working them. They see their taxes rising and are finding it harder and harder to keep up with the bills. I want to help create new, lasting, good-paying jobs and ensure we have a well-trained workforce to fill the jobs of the future.

Whether some like to admit it or not, there is a climate crisis that is impacting our way of life. There is no insurance policy for climate change and unfortunately, we’re seeing the cost of inaction. It’s going to take a new course to solve these problems and to keep up with the fast pace of technological change. We are in a 4th Industrial Revolution that risks leaving many behind if we aren’t ready and willing to take on these challenges to ensure a bright and prosperous future with clean air to breathe and safe water to drink.

I believe in fully funding our public schools and giving our teachers the resources necessary to nourish and enrich our children's minds to create the pioneers of tomorrow that will make us the leaders in clean energy, AI, automation and other STEM fields. We could do better in providing pre-k and quality after school programs. We need to make colleges and trade schools affordable and accessible to all and lessen the burden of mounting student debts that is preventing so many young people from buying their first home, starting a family, and living the American dream.

If we continue to allow huge tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations who are driven by pure greed and profit, we are essentially putting that tax burden on our kids and the middle class. I want to lessen the tax burden and allow young families to not just survive, but thrive.

I am in favor of Passing common sense marijuana legalization which will not only provide social justice for many afflicted members of our community and their families, it’ll free up resources and ease disparities, as well as generate hundreds of millions in tax revenue that could be used to fund critical projects and other investments. Not only that, I believe drug companies need to be held responsible for spurring the opioid health crisis which has affected so many lives. We need to set new priorities for corporate social responsibility. There needs to be pressure on drug manufacturers and insurance companies for high prescription prices on vital drugs such as insulin which have seen double-digit increases in short amount of time and are putting many at risk while causing financial hardship.

I also support equal pay and a living wage for full-time employment.

I deeply care for and appreciate our Veterans and seniors and I believe in strengthening our unions and supporting small businesses.

My goal is to make people's lives better, I will have my ear to the ground and listen to my constituents' concerns. I further pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards and fight against corruption where I see it.

I hope to earn your vote on Election day, Tuesday, November 5th. Make sure you are registered to vote and make your voice heard.