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Free-time activity: I have a job, of course, in the New Jersey General Assembly. But I am involved in the labor movement, also, and that kind of limits my off-time. But I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, especially. I have 11 grandkids. They love to enjoy the shore and other recreational activities in the state, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. Just the whole idea of ‘taking some downtime’ and visiting the Shore, visiting other parts of the state with different cultural or recreational opportunities is something that I enjoy.”

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Hello! I'm Tom Giblin. November 5th is General Election Day in New Jersey.

I am seeking re-election as assemblyman from the 34th Legislative District, which includes East Orange, Orange, Montclair, and Clifton. I am honored to be given the opportunity to run for New Jersey General Assembly. I've been fortunate to serve in other civic positions in the past, and it has provided me with an insight of what individuals and families face in our state. As a father of five children, and grandfather of 11, I am thinking about their future and making sure they get the opportunities they deserve, to have fruitful and fulfilling lives in our state.

My legislative office prides itself on the constituent services it provides for residents in the district and beyond.

As a long-time member of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, I worked hard to ensure that New Jerseyans get the opportunity they deserve to earn and learn more with the help of our community colleges, vocational trade schools, and our four-year universities.

Another important area is my efforts to improve NJ Transit and developing transportation resources for much-needed state road infrastructure improvements.

New Jersey needs active citizens to improve our quality of life in the state. your opinions are valued! If you have ideas for new legislation, call my legislative office in Clifton at 973-779-3125.

Remember, if it’s an issue to you – it’s an issue to me! Make sure that everyone in your household is registered to vote!! A large turnout of voters in the November 5th election is the best form for a good democracy. I look forward to continue serving your needs in Trenton. Thank you!