Ryan Peters





Hometown: Hainesport, NJ

Occupation: Director, Holman Enterprises

Top 3 Issues: Reducing state and local taxes to make NJ more affordable; Restoring millions in school aid to South Jersey cut by Democrats; Repealing Gov. Murphy’s dangerous Sanctuary State directive

Free-time activity: “I’m a baseball coach to my son – the Sacred Heart Angels, we just won the District 8 tournament for Cal Ripken. Also, help out with my daughter’s softball team. They’re doing very well this year – on their way to another tournament. My free time: I raise my three children and work with their sports activities.”

Social Media: Facebook

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Hi, I’m Assemblyman Ryan Peters, and I am running for reelection in New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District. 

As a US Navy SEAL who did multiple combat tours around the globe, my public service started long before I ran for office. During my time on active duty and now as part of the SEAL reserves, I have met people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.  One of the things I’ve learned is that all people want to live a proud life. They want to work hard, buy a home, raise a family, and stay close so they can watch their children and grandchildren grow. Unfortunately, New Jersey Democrats keep crushing these dreams by taking more and more money out of their pockets.

After two decades of complete Democrat control of the State Legislature, we have the highest property taxes in the nation, we’re over $200 billion in debt, and we chase away businesses and jobs with suffocating taxes and regulations. 

Every day we lose people born and raised in New Jersey to other states.  People who love New Jersey and who want to stay but can’t afford to. Governor Murphy has only made it worse.  He’s raised state taxes and increased spending by $4 billion to pay for his far-left agenda while working men and women are squeezed more each year.

One-party rule works for political bosses and special interests, but it fails ordinary people. Democrats have prioritized taking more money out of your pocket, adding more regulations to our struggling small businesses, and doling out patronage positions.

To counteract these destructive policies, I’ve pushed to cap state spending, provide property tax relief, and give our residents what they really want and need - a hand up, not a handout. But Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats stand in the way each time. They continue to block common-sense solutions and punish working people. Enough is enough.

If you are unhappy with the direction of the State, then it’s time to hold the Democrats accountable. Electing any more Democrats to Trenton only rewards their anti-taxpayer agenda and guarantees that nothing will ever change. That’s not what the residents of NJ deserve.

I love New Jersey. My wife and three young kids love New Jersey. Our neighbors love it here. But it’s disheartening to hear people I know say, “I can’t afford to live here anymore.” 

We can have better than what the Trenton Democrats have given us for 20 years. Let’s create a more affordable New Jersey where young people can start a family or build a business, seniors can retire comfortably, and we can all prosper.