Ron Dancer





Hometown: New Egypt, NJ

Occupation: Full-time Legislator

Top 3 Issues: Reduce property taxes; restore school aid; reduce student loan debt

Free-time activity: “I would like to spend more time with my family – my wife, our children, our grandchildren. And one other area – may seem a little unique to some people – but my wife and I enjoy Bible studies. When we’re not spending time with the family and I’m not in the state legislature, that’s what I like to do. I like to go to the Bible and read and study God’s word.”

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I want to emphasize the importance of this years’ November 5th General Election. The State Assembly is at the top of your ballot and historically, in an election year when there is no Presidential, Senate or Governor’s race, New Jersey has experienced the lowest voter turnout with only 20% of the people going to the polls.

All voters are aware that New Jersey has the highest tax burden in the Nation, but not all voters are aware that our Constitution requires any new tax or increased tax must first be voted upon in the State Assembly.

So, with all 80 seats in the State Assembly on the November 5th ballot this year, we have an opportunity to begin rolling back the taxes that are created or increased year after year by casting your vote for proven taxpayer champions like myself, Ron Dancer and my running mate, Rob Clifton.

We have been your consistent “voice and vote” against all this excessive taxation, and have called for a special session of the legislature to address and lower our property taxes which are the highest in the nation.

Your “Dancer-Clifton” team voted “No” and opposed Governor Murphy’s budget that cut funding to 172 school districts statewide, including many in our legislative district; yet funded more than $100 million for last-minute add-on special interest pet projects. We must reverse these cuts which is why we have introduced supplemental appropriation legislation to fully restore the state funding cuts made by Governor Murphy and the Democrat majority.

Our priorities are taxpayers and citizens: You come first…and that is why we:

Opposed $5.2 million of your tax dollars going to a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants
Opposed $1.6 million of your tax dollars to college tuition aid for illegal immigrants
Opposed making New Jersey a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants
Oppose driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants; and
Oppose placing voting machines in the prisons

Bottom line is: Taxpayers have hit bottom and we must put you, our citizens and voters, back on top. Vote for Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton.