Robert Karabinchak





Hometown: Edison, NJ

Occupation: President of Triform Construction

Top 3 Issues: Investing in our schools; improving mass transit infrastructure; expanding access to healthcare and charity care

Favorite thing about NJ: “I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole entire life. I love New Jersey, I’ve traveled around the world, and when I come back, New Jersey’s the place I want to be. Besides the Shorelines, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the open space, and yet there are urban districts – with all the great restaurants – this is the place to be. I just love New Jersey.”

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I'm a proud parent, husband, and small business owner. A lot of the concerns my constituents have about raising their kids or paying the bills are very special to me. When I was sworn into the State Assembly in 2016, I promised myself I would do everything I could to ease the burden for people with those concerns. We have some of the nation's best schools and healthcare, but my job is to always look for ways to keep improving their quality of life.

A priority of mine is to invest more in our schools and children’s futures. I’m very proud that in my District we’ve secured an increase of about six million dollars in funding for our schools. It’s sad to say but we need to be prepared for any emergency, especially shootings in our schools, and so we’ve signed into law a new school security grant program, which will help upgrade schools entrances and hallways with new technology to protect our kids and teachers.

Another big issue our kids face in school is bullying and bias, and I’ve made it a personal mission to address it. So, I introduced a bill to create an Anti-Bullying Task Force, which gathers leaders in education to figure out the best ways to stop bullying and then act on it, and Governor Murphy signed it into law.

Changing gears a little: One thing that really annoyed me and so many people I talk to, especially during the holidays last year, was when you order gifts online and they got stolen from your front door by a porch pirate. Last year I introduced the Defense Against Porch Pirates Act because in the past few years there’s been a significant rise in theft of mailed packages. We need to send a message that this will not be tolerated, and so I’m pushing strongly for my bill to become a law.

I am also working constantly to expand access to healthcare for people across the state. No one should have to worry about their coverage when visiting the doctor, including those who are uninsured. This year I was happy to bring an increase of over five million dollars in Charity Care for hospitals like JFK in Edison to treat those without coverage, and we are going to continue fighting for even more coverage because there is nothing more important than your and your family’s health.

Finally, we all know that improvements to our transportation network are badly needed and long overdue. Our roads are in bad shape and our trains are constantly delayed or breaking down. This is another huge priority for me sitting on the Transportation Committee, and this year alone our District received over three million dollars for local infrastructure projects.

I am excited to run for reelection because I get to have conversations with all my constituents about the things we’ve been doing. There is much more in the works and I want to continue the fight in Trenton to make sure we invest in our schools, improve our transportation infrastructure, and expand access to healthcare.