Rob Clifton





Hometown: Matawan, NJ

Occupation: Director of Local Government Affairs, Comcast

Top 3 Issues: Property taxes; school funding; state spending

Free-time activity: “I have a 17-year-old, soon-to-be high school senior, and a 13-year-old. So they’re sort of heading out on their own now, so I like to spend as much time with them. Whether it’s playing Wiffle Ball, going to play golf – the three of us – I like to try to spend as much time with them because I know that time is winding down.”

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It is no secret that we are among the highest cost-of-living states and at the worst of nearly every tax ranking – with a 10.75 percent state income tax, 9 percent business tax and 6.625 percent sales tax, as well as the highest property taxes in the nation.

Governor Murphy continues to propose more tax hikes each year, hoping to achieve what he calls ‘tax fairness.’ And while the Democrat majority appeared to fight him this year, they have still passed 25 – 25! - bills increasing taxes and fees since Murphy took office.

In total, they’ve been responsible for raising more than 139 taxes over 17 years while in the majority – costing New Jerseyans at least $11 billion dollars of their hard-earned, much needed, income.

We are not only taxing job creators out of the state but increasing taxes on those who simply can’t afford it. It is time we achieve tax fairness with tax cuts, not tax hikes.
Our opponents can’t do that – they won’t be able to stand up to their political machine in Trenton. But Ron Dancer and I will continue to fight for cutting taxes.

Homeowners and renters are being crushed by our nation-high property taxes – everyone knows it, and everyone feels it.
The average property tax bill last year was nearly $9,000 dollars. And, New Jerseyans pay twice as much in property taxes than the national average. It is the number one issue in the state, and for two years it has gone unaddressed.

Instead, over the past two years, spending has increased by $4 billion. But little has been done to fully fund programs designed to reduce property tax burdens.

Now is the time to fix it. Ron Dancer and I will continue to fight for lower property taxes.

And despite all their spending increases, Democrats continue to cut aid to our schools so they can begin funding new state programs and more than $100 million for last-minute pork.
They say our schools are overfunded and you are undertaxed. We say that’s just not true. Our schools are underfunded and we are overtaxed.

Our opponents won’t be able to restore school funding – it’s the Democrats’ plan that made those cuts – but Ron Dancer and I, we will continue to fight to get the state aid our schools deserve.

So on November 5th please vote for Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton for the General Assembly in the 12th District. Thank you!