Raj Mukherji





Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Occupation: Healthcare Lawyer and Investments

Top 3 Issues: Healthcare Reform, State Fiscal Health/Property Taxes, Climate Change

Free-time activity: “The answer might have been different three months ago before my wife and I had our first child. We love to travel, we love music. I enjoy running and spending time with my family and friends. But, now, if I have free time I just want to spend it around my kid. I enjoy every minute of him learning about the world around him, and looking at us.”

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I’m Raj Mukherji, State Assemblyman, and I have the privilege of representing Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken, and Weehawken in the State Legislature. I am presently serving as the Majority Whip, of the General Assembly; I’m the Vice Chair of the Telecommunications and Utilities Committee; and ever since I was a freshman, I’ve served on the Budget Committee, where I have fought for the 33rd Legislative District and helped shape a $33-38 billion state budget for six consecutive years.

I previously served as Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, and have volunteered on the Jersey City Housing Authority where I’ve been the Chairman for the past 10 years trying to ensure our residents have access to safe, decent, quality affordable housing. In my civilian life, I am a lawyer, and investor or executive in healthcare, medical cannabis, and technology businesses. I’m a former municipal prosecutor, adjunct professor of constitutional law, and Sergeant in the Marines where I served in the reserves in military intelligence.

I’m running for reelection so I can continue to fight for urban schools, our infrastructure and funding for mass transportation, tackling the substance abuse addiction epidemic that has become a public health crisis, growing our economy – not on the backs of our middle class and working families – and taking bold steps to finally address New Jersey’s unbearable property taxes; college affordability; protecting our environment; animal welfare; and ending veteran homelessness. I wrote legislation in each of these areas that were signed into law by the Governor over the past six years, but there’s a lot I still have to fight for.

Finally, expanding choice and access to quality, affordable healthcare, and prescription drugs for the underprivileged is very personal to me. I’ve been blessed with success in my businesses, but I grew up in a loving family that struggled economically. My father, may he rest in peace, had a pituitary tumor, two cerebral strokes and other ailments that prevented him from working, but he couldn’t afford health insurance without a job in a vicious cycle that formed my parents to move back to their native India when I was 15. I stayed back as an emancipated minor and worked, but I never forgot their experience, nor the values they instilled in me.

This job has been the second greatest privilege of my life, to be able to resolve issues for my constituents. The greatest privilege was fatherhood, when my wife and I were blessed with our son Leo three months ago, which has given what I do in Trenton even more meaning. That’s why I hope to return.