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Free-time activity: I grew up at the Shore, so I am involved in a number of water sports – not so much this summer with all of the campaignings, but I certainly enjoy the beach and the bays in Brigantine. I have been someone who has enjoyed that throughout my entire life – whether it’s swimming on our beaches or rowing in the back bay, I love being at the Jersey Shore and have chosen to make that my home. That’s where I’ve raised my family, in Atlantic County.”

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Hi, this is Phil Guenther. I’m running for the State Assembly in New Jersey’s 2nd Legislative District. The 2nd Legislative District is one of the most diverse and unique districts in the state covering everything from the Atlantic City casinos to the blueberry farms on the western end of Atlantic County.

I’m a lifelong resident of Atlantic County and grew up in Brigantine where I spent my summers as a lifeguard on the Brigantine Beach Patrol. I went on to become a teacher in Atlantic City and have been involved in public education ever since.

During my time as Superintendent of the Atlantic County Vocational and Special Services School District, I oversaw the Atlantic County Institute of Technology’s transformation from a part-time vocational school into a full-time career and technical high school with a state-of-the-art facility with over 1700 students. Our award-winning technical programs are helping to create a workforce right here in Atlantic County that will allow us to attract and take advantage of good-paying, family-sustaining jobs.

While I’m very proud of my over 30-year career in public education, the honor of a lifetime was being able to serve six terms as the Mayor of my hometown of Brigantine. As Mayor, I was able to pass balanced budgets that allowed us to invest in our local infrastructure while still preserving open space and cutting taxes whenever possible.

In 2012 Brigantine faced one of the greatest challenges in the history of our small island - a direct hit from Superstorm Sandy. As Mayor, I welcomed President Obama and Governor Christie to Brigantine and worked with their respective administrations to get residents back in their homes and make our island more resilient.

As you can see I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in public service which has given me a unique understanding of the many issues facing our state, local governments and school boards, whether it’s how to balance a budget while continuing to meet our long term obligations or how we can best support our teachers in the classroom who work hard every day to educate our students..

Atlantic County faces many challenges, but we have a State Senator in Chris Brown who has always risen to the occasion.

When our other legislators called North Jersey casinos “inevitable” and refused to fight the expansion of casino gaming, rather than back down, Brown led the fight to protect thousands of local families who rely on a strong casino industry to put food on the table. As our Senator Brown continues to stand up for Atlantic County even if it means taking on members of both parties.

Unfortunately, our current Assemblymen aren’t willing to do the same; so I’m running for the Assembly with John Risley to join Senator Chris Brown in standing up for Atlantic County’s hard-working middle-class families and I’m asking for your support on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Thank you.