Pete Miller





Hometown: Moorestown, NJ

Occupation: Healthcare

Top 3 Issues: Stop double-dipping politicians; stop annoying robocalls; provide tax incentives for small businesses that hire teenagers and special needs adults

Free-time activity: “I’m a married father of four. One of my children has special needs, she has Down Syndrome, so there’s a lot of activities that I’ve been to. I’m a volunteer coach. I’ve also been on the Moorestown Planning Board for the past seven years. I’ve also been a School Board member for one of my kid’s schools. So I’ve been active and involved, but my wife and I have been involved in a lot of the special needs groups, and especially the Down Syndrome groups, in New Jersey.”

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Hello, I’m Pete Miller running for State Assembly in NJ 7th District in Burlington County.
I think my three main fixable concerns will appeal in both parties and to the vast number of voters who consider themselves independent.

These three items are:

1. Stop politicians from Double Dipping 2 or more political jobs and are gaming the system to get fat pensions.

2. Curb automated robocalls that are annoying and overwhelming at best but usually deceitful and often downright fraudulent.

3. Give tax breaks and regulation waivers to companies that hire teenagers and special needs adults.

As for Robocalls, New Jersey residents get the most robocalls than any other state. That may be because the legislation provided the weakest of anti-robocall laws and with very little prosecution. Are you sick of these calls? We can pass strong legislation like Missouri and Indiana that have greatly curb this phone onslaught.

Next, let’s eliminate major Political Double Dipping. My opponent a 22-year assemblyman recently was given a $150,000 political job that hadn’t existed since 2015. This sets him up to get a huge pension within 30 months.

I would prohibit any state legislator from holding another politically appointed job paying over $30,000 per year while holding the state position. Remember the state legislature needs to act on the currently underfunded state pension plans. What would it be if our police or teachers pensions are cut but the politicians can continue to chisel the system by having two high paying jobs at the same time for three years to get their bloated undeserved pension?

Of course, if I defeat my opponent Herb Conaway, the greatest offender in the legislature of this Double Dipping Practice, it will be a stern warning to others that this practice must stop.

Lastly, I heard it was difficult for teenagers to find a job. We need to provide tax incentives and regulation waivers for businesses that hire teenagers and special needs adults. This will be a win-win for both sides.

Please vote for Pete Miller for Assembly on Tuesday, November 5th, thank you!

My Campaign is on Facebook at Pete Miller For Assembly and Twitter @petemillernj.

My address is Pete Miller for Assembly, P.O. Box 62, Moorestown, NJ 08057.