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Free-time activity: “I am an avid knitter, who knits for a cause – I knit the purple caps as part of the Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness program. I am also a social bridge player. I play bridge in order to have time to spend with my friends, but also bridge is a thinking game. Bridge involves memory, it involves strategies, conventions you have to learn, and just when you think you may know what you’re doing, there’s something new to learn.”

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Hello, I’m Nancy Munoz, a mother of five, healthcare professional and your State Assemblywoman.

As a clinical nurse for more than 30 years, I can say that our state needs healing.

For nearly two decades, Trenton politicians have raised taxes 130 times, increased state spending by billions of dollars, and allowed our property taxes to climb to the highest in the nation.

We can no longer afford the extreme tax and spend policies coming from Trenton politicians.

We’ve seen our friends and families leave the state because it’s just too expensive to live here. We’ve seen commuters wait for hours because of a broken transit system, and we’ve seen one-party rule for too long.

We need a different approach to government, so our families can stay here. We need to grow the economy to create jobs, and we need to cut taxes to make it affordable to live here.

To do that we must stop out-of-control government spending, and put a cap on state spending just as we have in our municipalities. Putting an end to runaway government spending will allow people to keep more of what they earn.

New Jerseyans work hard and deserve to keep their money, which is why I want to cut income taxes by 10 percent. This will grow our economy, create jobs and make us competitive with other states.

Tens of thousands of New Jersey commuters rely on NJ Transit to get to work and have been let down by abysmal service. Trains are canceled at the last minute, or they are so crowded that they are simply unsafe. Fixing this crucial service is a top priority. But I will not settle for merely restoring reliable service. That is why I proudly sponsored bi-partisan legislation that will facilitate funding for the new Gateway Tunnel.

Commuters have dealt with a failing transit system for too long, which is why I will fight to make these vital improvements, without fare increases.

As a mother and a nurse, protecting our most vulnerable has been a passion of mine. I’ve worked to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome and infant abuse, knitting hundreds of purple caps for newborns to bring awareness through education of this life-threatening injury.

I have also worked across the aisle to protect victims of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and will not rest until this epidemic comes to an end.

As your representative in Trenton, I will continue to tirelessly advocate for all of the residents of our district, and be your voice for the important issues facing our community.

I’m Nancy Munoz, your State Assemblywoman.